Basic Curriculum
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White signifies a clean slate and purity. In the beginning of the journey, the student’s mind is open and ready to filled with the valuable lessons martial arts is known to teach: patience, virtue, strategy, mental and physical toughness, and restraint. Additional visual imagery of the white belt is a pine tree seed. The seed must be planted and nourished to develop its strong roots.  Orange belt signifies that the sun is beginning to rise. The beauty of the sun at dawn is recognizable, but its immense power is not yet known. This is metaphorical of a student who is just starting to experience the martial arts. However, they have yet to learn the power behind the techniques.  Yellow belt represents the fullness of the sun. The pine tree/student is beginning to see the sunlight and understand the basics of martial arts techniques and skill.

Intermediate Curriculum
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The Green represents a pine tree beginning to grow needles. The student is continuing growth and develops skills and strengths in the sport. Components of the core techniques learned are starting to work together in unison.  Purple signifies the mountain the student will need to climb to reach the next level. The student is developing and moving upward. However, the path is becoming steeper. Techniques, kicks, and sparring require more skill. Blue represents the sky and the light it provides all growing things, so the blue belt is given to students at the stage of their studies when they begin to learn additional knowledge of the martial art that allows their minds and bodies to continue to grow and develop.

Advanced Curriculum
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Brown is a representation of the ripening of a seed during the maturing and harvesting process, so a brown belt is awarded to advanced students who are beginning to realize the fruits of their beginner studies and whose techniques have begun to mature.  The sun is beginning to set. The red sky indicates that the time has come for the student to move into the next phase of their martial arts training. The student focuses on mastery that requires both physical and mental strength. Restraint and strategy are becoming an integral part of this student’s choices in the sport and at home

Rec. Black Belt Curriculum
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The Recommended Black Belt represents the culmination of a long journey, the completion of a circle.  From here the student’s focus is to be on achieving the ultimate pinnacle of the Black Belt. They are fully expected to be able to perform any skill requested of the judges during testing.

Black Belt Curriculum
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The color is the combination of all the colors in the rainbow spectrum. Together these colors culminate in the absence of color which is seen as black. The pine tree is fully grown and is expected to plant seeds for future growth.

The Black Belt student will now mentor and teach other students. As well, they are expected to continue learning and achieving new levels and skills. The testing for Black Belt always changes to add new techniques and disciplines. Each school has their own very stringent requirements to test for this level.