Welcome to our Black Belt family. As you know, getting Black Belt is one of the most memorable journey’s you will ever take. But as the old saying goes, “the journey has just begun.” Now that you have your Black Belt, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Below is the checklist and requirements for testing. Each item must be met in order to test for your 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt or higher.

  • Regular class attendance – 14 classes per cycle (no exceptions)
  • Personal training - 15 minutes everyday
  • Flexibility – be able to kick waist high and head high with kicks
  • Endurance – push-ups, sit-ups (see chart)
  • Running (at testing) – 5 laps around gym, after each lap the student must perform 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 5 squats, and 5 jumping jacks.
  • Attend the required number of Black Belt Camps (Confirmation phase is the time spent earning stripes, Recommended phase is the 6 months prior to testing for the belt)

Attendance Requirement

Each Black Belt must maintain attendance just like every other student. The Black Belt curriculum becomes more demanding on technique so active participation is required. In order for your second degree recommended you must have 12 months of classes with a minimum of 14 classes per cycle. If you do not obtain 14 classes for that 2-month period of time, it will not count towards your final time for 2nd Degree Black Belt. You must have 18 months of classes with a minimum of 14 classes per cycle for your 3rd Degree Recommended.

Black Belt Camps

Each camp will be 90 minutes and will cover the Black Belt curriculum as well as sparring and physical workouts. These camps will count toward your attendance requirement (14 classes) during the cycle that they are held.

Each Black Belt will be required to attend a minimum number of Black Belt Camps during their confirmation phase and their recommended phase. See specific requirements for each belt level by clicking on the belt rank.

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