Virtual Classroom


push up Challenge - Tuesday, March 31st through Monday, April 6th

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How do you enter the contest?

1. Work on your push ups everyday for 7 days beginning Tuesday, March 31st and ending Monday, April 6th.
2. Download the Push Ups form here and fill it out for each of the 7 days.

​3.  You can do as little as 5 per day or 50 per day, the point is to create a good habit of doing push-ups.

4.  After you do your last set of push-ups on Monday, take a picture of yourself holding the Push Up Challenge sheet and send it by text to 417-886-3331 or email it to us at jcvitak

Song Song Pattern Challenge

We’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card on Monday, March 30th.
How do you enter the contest?
1. Post a video of yourself doing this pattern.
2. Check into “Martial Arts USA” on Facebook.
3. Tag “Jeff Cvitak” in your post.
If you’re a Dragon or Ninja you just have to perform section #1.
If you’re a Junior of Adult you have to perform all sections.

The pattern doesn’t have to be perfect to enter. I want to see that you’re practicing and training at home. Good Luck.