3rd Degree Black Belt Curriculum

Dear Black Belt:

It has been my greatest pleasure to be able to have over 385 students graduate to the level of Black Belt.  And in the last 25 years of doing so, I have learned a great many things about what it takes to become a great Black Belt and to make this moment in your life a very memorable one for you and your family.  I want this day to be a success for you.  Here are a few tips to help you with that:

  1. Your training will require your undivided attention and your maximum energy level in every class.  You should not need instructor motivation for training at your best in class.
  2. Don’t let 3rd Degree Black Belt become a hassle: It’s a minimum commitment of 36 months to achieve 4th Degree Black Belt but if it takes 40 or 48 months that OK.  It’s about the journey, not the time it takes to get there.
  3. The instructors are not here to push you to become more committed to Black Belt; they are here to help you review and become prepared for your testing.
  4. You must choose between 2 levels of Black Belt Training.
  • Black Belt: Requires completing the minimum requirements to achieve the Black Belt in the quickest and easiest way possible without necessarily expanding your potential. Requires the minimum required attention and energy level. The Result: A beautiful Black Belt to wear around your waist.
  • Black Belt Excellence: Requires completing the requirements to your highest level possible and taking every moment, as if it is the last moment, you have to train. It means committing yourself to create an unprecedented future and limitless possibilities as a Black Belt -- not only in Martial Arts, but in life.  The Result: A beautiful experience and a memory that will last you forever.

The choice is yours...
"Doing more things right is no substitute for doing the right thing."

Your Black Belt exam is a mirror of your life. Everything in your life is only as important as you make it. There are opportunities everywhere in your life that allow you to make decisions, to take them, or ignore them. There are moments to take advantage of and there are moments to waste, moments to obey all negative thoughts, or to fight them and do the right thing. The right thing is to give your all at any given moment. The right thing is to demonstrate an attitude of respect, honor and indomitable spirit during all practices of Black Belt training or your life.

  • Black belt boot camps
  • board break options
  • testing reuirements
  • our relationship
  • how to approach your test
  • Daily Practice
  • Advice for a successful test
  • strength & endurance standards

My Relationship with You

My Relationship with You

There are 3 types of relationships that I have with the people at MAUSA:

Customer - This is the 1st level of relationship based solely on paying for a service and receiving that service back.  All efforts are done to keep the customer “happy”!

Client - At the 2nd level, the attention is more on personal experiences and finding out what you as an individual are looking for.  The effort is on “doing things right” rather than keeping you happy.

Student - The 3rd level means we develop and maintain an unconditional relationship and it does not matter if you are “happy”, as long as you are on the right track and doing the right things assuming that you know what the “goal” is and what the right things are.  You do not like or dislike things because it is NOT about you liking things.  It’s about the honor and CANI (constant and never-ending improvements), complete loyalty (protecting each other’s name and values) and honoring MAUSA and what it stands for.

The kind of relationship you want is YOUR CHOICE.

As a teacher, I promise you:

I will not tolerate mediocracy.

I will not put up with your stories or excuses.

I will come after you; this is your journey, not mine.

I will stop you if I feel that you are not being authentic and real in your training at MAUSA.

I will stop you if I feel that you are sacrificing your family and/or mixing up your priorities in your life.  You, your family, your career (school) should always remain the top priorities in our life.  This journey is about “putting first things first.”

You must learn to pay “appropriate attention” to things that will come up.

You must manage your time and find a way to make the Black Belt Journey compliment your life, not take away from it.  If you need help with this matter please see me.

I don’t care if you lack talent.  I don’t care if you’ve had a knee injury, hip replacement or shoulder surgery, or whatever your story is.  All I care about is your commitment.  If you are committed at the deepest level, you will get to create great results, you’ll learn something and you’ll teach a bunch of people something about success.  You story will be GREAT, too.  Great is not always about being able to kick the highest or jump the furthest, but it’s ALWAYS about a commitment to a worthy goal.

You must play full out during this time.  No excuses or nonsense will be tolerated.  If this isn’t your mindset you’re going into the training with then you are already beginning this journey with a huge weight to carry – and setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. 

DO NOT START ---- If you are not willing to do this and have this mindset, then PLEASE don’t start this process.  Don’t start if you’re not willing to serve as a role model to others! Don’t start if you’re not fully committed!  Don’t start if you’re not willing to put it all on the line.