2nd Degree Black Belt Curriculum

Dear Black Belt:

It has been my greatest pleasure to be able to have over 385 students graduate to the level of Black Belt.  And in the last 25 years of doing so, I have learned a great many things about what it takes to become a great Black Belt and to make this moment in your life a very memorable one for you and your family.  I want this day to be a success for you.  Here are a few tips to help you with that:

  1. Your training will require your undivided attention and your maximum energy level in every class.  You should not need instructor motivation for training at your best in class.
  2. Don’t let 2nd Degree Black Belt become a hassle: It’s a minimum commitment of 24 months to achieve 3rd Degree Black Belt but if it takes 26 or 30 months that OK.  It’s about the journey, not the time it takes to get there.
  3. The instructors are not here to push you to become more committed to Black Belt; they are here to help you review and become prepared for your testing.
  4. You must choose between 2 levels of Black Belt Training.
  • Black Belt: Requires completing the minimum requirements to achieve the Black Belt in the quickest and easiest way possible without necessarily expanding your potential. Requires the minimum required attention and energy level. The Result: A beautiful Black Belt to wear around your waist.
  • Black Belt Excellence: Requires completing the requirements to your highest level possible and taking every moment, as if it is the last moment, you have to train. It means committing yourself to create an unprecedented future and limitless possibilities as a Black Belt -- not only in Martial Arts, but in life.  The Result: A beautiful experience and a memory that will last you forever.

The choice is yours...
"Doing more things right is no substitute for doing the right thing."

Your Black Belt exam is a mirror of your life. Everything in your life is only as important as you make it. There are opportunities everywhere in your life that allow you to make decisions, to take them, or ignore them. There are moments to take advantage of and there are moments to waste, moments to obey all negative thoughts, or to fight them and do the right thing. The right thing is to give your all at any given moment. The right thing is to demonstrate an attitude of respect, honor and indomitable spirit during all practices of Black Belt training or your life.

  • Black belt boot camps
  • board break options
  • testing reuirements
  • our relationship
  • how to approach your test
  • Daily Practice
  • Advice for a successful test
  • strength & endurance standards

Advice for a Successful BBC (Black Belt Candidate) Training

Being on time to class means being on the mat stretching 5 minutes before a class or event starts.  Being late demonstrates to the instructors that you are not taking the training seriously.

You MUST be willing to accept responsibility for your failures.  YES, I said failure!  I did not say “Nice Try!”

Learn to enjoy the practices.  Don’t wish these days away by getting frustrated and angry. There is magic between now and your actual exam date. Remember: "Direction is more important than speed."

I encourage parents to participate in their children’s journey to the next level of Black Belt. Please have the candidates practice at home. Let them know that this is for them. Let them know how proud you are of all the hard work and dedication they have committed themselves to. Let them experience a sense of accomplishment by allowing them to work as hard as they can.

We ask students when they come into the studio to bow and pay respect to their instructors, by saying hello and good-bye.  Students may think the art of Martial Arts lies only in the way they perform their kicks and punches.  We believe the Art takes root in the simple action of bowing and paying respect to instructors and saying hello and good-bye.

Start your physical requirements early.  Each candidate must perform a pre-determined amount of push-ups and sit-ups as part of the physical conditioning section of their Black Belt test.  Ask an instructor what you have to do and start on them now.  Please do not wait until the last minute; this will set you up for failure.

I strongly recommend you keep a journal of all your experiences and activities.  Practice the art of writing, and let go of the habit of wasting your time watching TV.

Learn to practice by yourself. There is a great personal reward derived from practicing by yourself.  This tests your will power and develops a great sense of self-confidence.

Learn not to talk and joke with your training partners.  Weak people have a tendency to pull others down to empower their own weaknesses.  Weak people like to have others participate in their own miserable lack of progress in everything they attempt.

Be a participant not a spectator.  The Black Belt Journey is like life itself: neither is a spectator sport.  You must be an active participant in all that is required of you.

Do NOT play detective and look for what other teammates are NOT doing: the test is not about breaking others down.  Instead look for what they are doing right, and build your teammates up.

Do not engage in any negative or destructive conversations that involve MAUSA, the instructors or any of your teammates.  Don’t take sides against teammates or MAUSA, only take sides with them in standing up for excellence and for each other.

Learn to give yourself positive praise for a job well done.  If you set up a practice session for 15 minutes with a complete workout plan, and you do it, praise yourself.  Learn to appreciate the simplicity and power of Private Victories. Public Victories, where everyone praises you for a job well done, are good, but Private Victories like "doing what you said you would do" are just as powerful.

Learn to let go of the past.  Remember: "The past does not equal the future."  The way you are "being" is the result of the way you have chosen to be.  If habits are learned, they can also be unlearned.

"Simple little things are not anything, they are everything."  Writing your Black Belt test date on your mirror, being on time to class, telling your family and friends of your test date are all little things that together make everything.

"Don’t make mountains out of mole hills." Don’t waste your emotional energy on something someone said, or why certain things are the way they are.  Learn to put your goals ahead of your moods.