Intermediate Curriculum Phase 2

Red Stripe (Boxing)

Single Punch Series (Jab, Cross, Lead Hook)
Straight Punch Series (Jab, Cross /  Cross, Lead Hook)
Boxing Set 1 - 5 (w/double jab)
Palm Strikes / Hammer Fist / Forward Elbows
Knees (stationary and stepping forward)
Buzzsaw, Ali Shuffle, In & Out's, Single Leg Buzzsaw

White Stripe (Self-Defense)

1. Single Wrist Grab (w/escape and counter)
2. Double Wrist Grab  (w/escape and counter)
3. 2-on-1 Wrist Grab  (w/escape and counter)
4. Cross Wrist Grab  (w/escape and counter)
5. Break Fall To Guarded Stand-Up

Blue Stripe (Escrima Stick)

(Green, Purple, Blue Phase 1, Blue Phase 2 Belt)
1. Heaven Six & Earth Six
(Blue Phase 1, Blue Phase 2 Belt)
1. Heaven Six, Earth Six, Even Six, Windmill

Black Stripe (Kicking Techniques)

(Green, Purple, Blue Phase 1, Blue Phase 2 Belt)
1. All previous kicks
2. Skipping Hook Kick
3. Skipping Round Kick
4. Skipping Side Kick
5. Knees
6. Bicycle Kicks

Yellow Stripe (Sparring)

1. 4-Way Head Movement Drill
2. Single Punch Boxing
3. Boxing 1-5 
4. Lead Leg Sparring Set

Green Stripe (Confirmation Stripe)

Confirmation from instructor to test for next rank.
1. Attitude
Board Breaking - Hammer Strike
Correct Form - 4 Push-Ups
Board Breaking - Elbow
Correct Form - 5 Push-Ups
Blue Phase 1
Board Breaking - Step Side
Correct Form - 6 Push-Ups
Blue Phase 2
Board Breaking - Spin Side
Correct Form - 7 Push-Ups

Sparring Rules

• Students bow to each other before and after each match.
• Students face one another and practice their kicks, punches and blocks in sparring combinations without making physical contact.
• Techniques are thrown with light contact to areas above the waist and below the neck, but not to the back side.
• Hands are to be kept up in the defense position so that a technique does not accidentally make contact with the torso or head.
• When a student steps out of the designated area, the action stops, students return to the center and bow again before any action resumes. The same process occurs if one or both.
• Any time there is a visible distress to either student, a break in action is to be taken to give time to recover.
• Students build confidence through sparring because they can improve their skill with regards to striking, evading, blocking, timing, etc. in a controlled/respectful environment.
• Sparring will only be practiced when an instructor is present and at the risk of the one who’s sparring.
• To develop one’s self control is to develop into a true Martial Artist Sparring partners are responsible for the physical health of their partner at all times.
• If two students of different belt rank spar against each other, the higher belt rank must spar down to the level of the lower.
• If two students are of different strength spar each other, the stronger of the two must spar down to the level of the other.

Extra Kicking Sets

1. Pump Round (hook), back leg round kick, step side kick, double punch.
2. Pump Round (hook), back leg round kick, spin side kick, double punch.
3. Pump Round (hook), back leg round kick, step double round kick, double punch.
4. Pump Round (hook), back leg round kick, step double side kick, double punch.
5. Pump Round (hook), jump front kick, back leg round kick, double punch.
6. Pump Side, spin side, step side, double punch.
7. Pump Side, spin side, spin side, double punch.
8. Pump Side, step side, spin side, double punch.