MAUSA Belt Promotional Week

January 18TH - 21st, 2021
Dragons and Ninjas (in class) // January 18th - 21st
Kids and Adult Ranks - White Belts thru Red Belts (in class) // January 18th - 21st
Recommended and Black Belt Confirming - Saturday January 23rd @ 11:00am
Recommended and Black Belt Testing for Rank - Saturday January 23rd @ 9:00am
All Testing Apps Due Jan. 16th, 2021

Dragon Testing Form

Fill out the testing form online for the Dragons.

Rec. Black Belt testing for 1st Degree Black Belt

1st Degree Black Belt testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt

2nd Degree  Black Belt testing for 3rd Degree Black Belt

3rd Degree  Black Belt testing for 4th Degree Black Belt

MAUSA BJJ Promotional Week

October 24th, 2020
11:15am - 12:15am

Click on the testing for for your current rank.
Answer the questions for each stripe up to your current rank.

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